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I’m Back!


384223_10151214245656815_802168481_nI’ve taken quite a bit of a hiatus from blogging, and I have to admit that I missed it dearly.  I thought it was for the best to recollect myself, and realized that I have a knack and real passion for blogging and photography.  I’m working on pulling my archives and reinstating the site to it’s former glory, or I may even go a different route and completely redesign and update.  There is so much to do and I’m super excited to share my life and connect with the mom community again!

Since I’ve been away, I’ve been a busy bee.  I worked with a webhosting company, and now in financial services of all things.  I have to admit I didn’t imagine my life would have taken such a path, but it has and I’m glad I’ve had the experiences I’ve had in the last couple of years.  Yes, it’s been hard, but there’s so much more to do and I look forward to seeing where the blogging world takes me again.

I can’t imagine that all of the same people who were following me before would still be, so I hope that I can earn back trust in the community again.   I’d love to hear what y’all have been up to lately and would love to start following your blog if I haven’t already.